Invest with Us

Tired of unpredictable returns on your investment capital during these unpredictable times?

We put your investment capital to work offering returns that are backed by fixed assets. Creating predictable returns and allowing you to earn passive income.

HarborView Capital Holdings allows you to take advantage of our experience and opportunities, while maintaining a limited risk profile, backed by a physical asset. Receive passive income returns and let your capital work for you.

We tailor investing opportunities that fit your direct needs, expectations and tolerance for risk. We want you to be a partner and the best part is that you will have no responsibilities other than to invest the amount of capital you want to. We take care of the rest and limit your exposure to risk in the process. This allows you to lean on the years of experience that HarborView Capital Holdings has, taking part of the upside rewards with limited risk.

At HarborView Capital Holdings, we form relationships with investors on a variety of investment types. If you have cash in the bank, a self-directed retirement account, or money in the markets, we can help you reach more predictable and consistent returns on your investments through real estate.

Investing FAQ’s

Why is having passive investments in real estate smart?

When you begin to invest passively in real estate, you can earn impressive returns that are secured by a physical, tangible asset. When you invest with us, your returns are fixed, not unpredictable like other investment avenues. This makes it easier for you to sleep at night knowing your money is producing double digit returns annually rather than in a marketplace that can change drastically.

Is my investment safe with HarborView Capital Holdings?

Historically speaking, investing in real estate has always been a hedge against the volatility of the stock market. By investing in us, you are trusting that human beings will need a place to live no matter what is going on in the markets. With consistent growth in population, the demand for real estate is not going away anytime soon. Inventory levels of homes available to both buy and rent are at decade lows. Passive investing in real estate is not right for everyone, but real estate investing has made more millionaires than any other investment in history.

Can I invest with money in my 401K and IRA?

Absolutely, you can invest your 401K and IRA. Most investors are not aware that an IRA or 401K can be self-directed. This means that you are in complete control of where your money goes. There is not a penalty for doing this because you are not taking a distribution. Any gain you receive will still be tax-advantaged, but backed by a physical asset, earning fixed double digit returns.

How do I get started investing with HarborView Capital Holdings?

Great question! Simply scroll below to fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Once we receive your information, we will follow up with you to schedule a call to discuss how we can help you to achieve your investment goals.